Flight Information & Homecomings

A picture of Flight 29 loading
Honor Flight Northeast Indiana provides four (4) flight opportunities each year to take our honored veterans to see their memorials in Washington D.C. Two (2) flights in the spring and two (2) in the fall, each flight followed by a welcome home ceremony at the airport that night.  Find information for upcoming flights and homecoming information here.

Every spring and fall, the volunteers of Honor Flight Northeast Indiana plan, prepare and execute two (2) flights each season.  Each flight is planned for approximately 85 veterans and their guardians to travel to Washington D.C. for a tour of the memorials that were built to honor their valiant service to our country.  Our flights are always on Wednesdays and as a result, there are very few if any other Honor Flight hubs there when we are, minimizing congestion and maximizes our ability to enjoy the memorials.


Current 2022 Flight Information

Honor Flight Northeast Indiana is currently planning for three (3) flights for the spring of 2022.


April 27th will be the rescheduled flight #35 originally from April 2020.

May 25th will be the rescheduled flight #36 originally from May 2020.

June 8th will be a new flight for 2022.


We will be calling all veterans that were previously scheduled and those that chose to postpone until a later date.  Calling will begin sometime late January or early February.




So what does a flight look like you might ask?  Here is a brief summary of the a single flight:

  • Veterans arrive at the 122nd Air National Guard base in Fort Wayne before the roosters start crowing.
  • They board an American Airlines Airbus A321 for a 1 hour flight into Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA).
  • 4 motor coaches are waiting for them upon arrival to whisk them away into Washington.
  • We visit the WWII Memorial, Korean, Vietnam, Lincoln Memorials with lunch at the FDR Memorial.
  • We continue with a driving tour of Washington D.C. including Navy and Iwo Jima Memorials and possibly the new WWI Memorial recently opened.
  • We stop at the Women's Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery and the Air Force Memorial.
  • We return to Ronald Reagan National for our 1 hour flight home.

So that's a brief summary, we can't give away all the fun secrets - if your a veteran you'll just have to get signed up for your flight to learn more.  If you are a family member or friend, follow us on Facebook to see the adventures and memories our veterans make while on their flight.