Fundraising opportunties

Fundraising opportunities for Honor Flight
We receive requests from private individuals, other charitable organizations and businesses to fund raise on our behalf to support the Veterans. We humbly appreciate your consideration and generosity. We ask that you simply review these considerations and guidelines.


** Fundraising for Honor Flight Northeast Indiana **

On behalf of the entire Honor Flight Northeast Indiana board of directors, we Thank you for considering Honor Flight Northeast Indiana (HFNEI) as a fundraiser option for your business or organization.  We thought it best to offer you some helpful tips and advice that we get asked frequently:


If you have a planned fundraiser or event, please contact our event coordinator: Adam Brouwer (  This will help to keep him and the Board of Directors informed.

If you need use of our HFNEI logo, please contact Adam Brouwer (  We’re obligated to review the use of our logo, and make sure there are no "mis-representations".

Honor Flight can make available (with proper prior notice) a representative at your event if you intend to make the donation presentation the same time as your event.  If our volunteer team’s schedule does not permit us to be onsite for the presentation, we would be happy to discuss other arrangements.

Honor Flight Northeast Indiana’s sole mission is to honor veterans, and safely transport them to Washington, DC.  For that reason, we are not “staffed” to facilitate fundraisers or events outside of the Honor Flight trip to Washington, DC.  As volunteers, we might have capacity to assist in an event you would be hosting.  Please contact our event coordinator: Adam Brouwer (, for more information.

Honor Flight Northeast Indiana is a 501(c)(3).  You can find additional documentation within the lower section of our homepage.





** Full Flight Sponsors **


Individuals or organizations can step-forward to sponsor an entire flight. 

The northern Indiana community has responded with generous donations; however, there are still many, many veterans needing to go to Washington. It took over a year to get the first flight off the ground. In our 2nd year, we were able to provide an Honor Flight to 62 NE Indiana WWII veterans, and we now fly 300+ veterans per year.  Many veterans in line for our next flight have been on the waiting list for more than 4 years. At this pace, most will never see their memorial. 

As soon as we are able to schedule a flight, we start calling the veterans on our waiting list. We always find that some have passed away, and many are no longer able to travel, even with the assistance we can provide. 

Full flight sponsors honor not only the veterans on the flight they sponsor, but pave the way for the next flight of honor. It is a gift that keeps giving. Publicity from one flight brings donations for the next. We will be happy to return the favor by publicizing your generous donation to this noble cause. 

Full flight sponsors receive various in kind incentives for their generosity and each flight sponsorship is discussed with our entire volunteer board of directors.  Additionally, flight sponsors may also choose to sponsor a welcome home reception to which regional media will be invited. Honor Flights from other regions have been featured on national newscasts. Full flight sponsors will be recognized publicly. Let us know if you have any special requests. 

Please contact us if you are interested in helping in this way.