Difficult to express my gratefulness

Paul Baron

Dear Mr. Covert and Staff,

It's  difficult  for  me  to express how grateful and privileged I feel about the Honor Flight I was chosen to be a part of on 19 September. A simple, verbal "thank you" does not seem adequate or hardly even suitable for such a fantastic day, so I want to thank you better in this letter.

I was so pleased to see all the memorials, especially WWII, Korea and the Air force. Many memories were stirred. Two of the soldiers at the Korean Memorial were carrying M-1 Carbines not unlike the one I have on my Man Cave wall.

I won't  burden  you  with  all my personal  feelings,  but the "fun-thing," apart from the vital reasons for the mission -- to me, was the police escorts. My seat was  on  the  left-hand  side  of  bus  #1  and  I  received  a thrill  each  time  that motorcycle guy would "fly by" to clear the next intersection or congested area. He kept us going and made them all wait!

Upon arriving "home"  at Fort Wayne International,  it seemed to me that I had just experienced several days  of  relaxed,  "free from care"  enjoyment.  We had covered so much territory.

You are certainly to be commended on the fantastic achievements of the Honor Flight  of  NE  Indiana.  I'm  sure  there  is  much  work  and  planning  going  on behind the scenes with all the volunteers, fmancial arrangements, etc.

There were many remarkable people and good things at the Air Guard facility, both air ports,  on the plane, the buses, the memorials, the sites, mail call, the fantastic welcome home and a band to top it all off-- and I'm  sure people and things  I didn't  even see. So, in writing, to all those  involved  -- my heart felt "Thank You!"

It was a day I shall not forget. I'm  certain that all the veterans enjoyed the day, but none more than me.


Respectfully yours,

Paul Baron