Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the status of my application?

Very good question.  If you are a World War II Veteran you are top on the list.  If you have been waiting some time, please contact us right away to ensure we have your application.  If you are a Korean Veteran, we  have only just begun calling on your applications and we have had applications dating back to 2010.  Applications are called based on when they were received.  Please be patient, we will be calling.  We are also accepting your applications, so if you have procrastinated sending it in, PLEASE SEND IT NOW.   To our Vietnam Era Veterans.  It will still be a few years before we get to your applications, but you are welcome to send them in and get on the list.

TERMINAL VETERANS NOTICE:  If you or your Veteran loved one is a terminal veteran (as identified by your medical doctor) PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY.  There are arrangements that can be made to not only get you on the first available flight of ours, but there are other programs in place via the Honor Flight Network that can be of assistance to ensure you can make your trip.  Our number is 260-633-0049.

Q. Is my spouse eligible to be my guardian?


A long standing rule from the Honor Flight Network is that spouses,  unfortunately, cannot be a guardian.  There are a variety of reasons including emotional, physical capabilities, etc.  The requirement is that a guardian to a Veteran can be any other family member, friend, etc.

Q. Does a Veteran have to pay anything?


NO!  Every Veteran eligible to fly with Honor Flight does not have to pay a single red cent!  It is our honor to ensure you have the best day possible and it is with the generous donations of many people that your trip is 100% FREE of charge.

Q. What does a guardian have to pay?

Approved guardians are asked to pay a $400 donation towards their participation in the flight.  Those payments can be in the form of a check or money order made out to Honor Flight Northeast Indiana.

Q. How long is the trip?


Our flight to  Washington D.C. is a one (1) day trip.  The day begins at 6am when you arrive at the 122nd Air National Guard base in Fort Wayne and ends around 9 - 10pm when you arrive home at the Fort Wayne International Airport.  The "send-off" is limited to spouses/children that are pre-authorized onto the base.  The "Welcome Home" is open to anyone, family, friends, co-workers, anyone that wants to come welcome home our heros.  You can gather in the ticketing area of the airport including outside along the sidewalks.

Q. My family took me to Washington, am I still eligible?


If you are a qualifying World War II, Korean or Vietnam Era Veteran, and you have not traveled on an HONOR FLIGHT, then you are very much eligible to go, regardless of the personal trips you may have made on your own to Washington.  We promise, the Honor Flight experience will be far different than any other personal trip you may have made.