Board of Directors

Our Fort Wayne hub was founded by Laura Carrico in 2008 after she heard of the Honor Flight organization and wanted to take her World War II father to Washington.  With her help and determination, more willing people stepped up to help here and now you have a group of over 35 people working hard to get our men and women veterans to Washington D.C.   There is the primary board of directors and then we also have a special volunteer corps.   Our board and volunteer corps. is made up of 100% volunteers, no paid positions. Many of our board members are veterans themselves.

Our current volunteer board of directors as of May 1, 2019:


Executive Board

Cathy Berkshire (President)
Max Robison (Vice President)
Bill Weiss (Secretary)
John Bireley (Treasurer)


Board of Directors

Adam Brouwer - Fundraising and Special Event Coordinator, Facebook Management

Mike Buhr - Mail Call Assistant

Ben Clay - Inventory Management

Dennis Covert - Volunteer Coordinator

Carl Huber - USO Representative

Gene Languell

Megan Martin - Respiratory Therapist, Oxygen Needs

Tom Meyers

Brent Roddy - Flags of our Heroes Coordinator

Terri Schackow - Registered Nurse, Medical Reviews

Michael Thena - Technology Coordinator, Webmaster, Facebook Management

Bill Turriff - Ramp Rat (Flight Line Operations)

Aleta Weiss

Bill Weiss -Secretary