How To Volunteer

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Typical Trip Cost:

We fly an American Airlines charted Airbus A321 which will hold 187 persons (1 seat is for American Airlines Flight Coordinator).   There are 4 buses, police escorts, lunches, dinners and misc. costs all totaling about $97,200 PER FLIGHT beginning in 2019.


Actual costs can fluctuate depending on dates, changes in contract pricing and fuel costs, just to name a few.


Why Fly Charter?

Commercial flights are less costly, and can be utilized out of major airline hubs; however, travel is even more difficult for veterans who live in areas where direct commercial flights to DC are not available. Mobility impairment, oxygen needs, and unexpected delays turn airport transfers into insurmountable travel barriers for many elderly people. In these areas, such as Northern Indiana, charter flights make the impossible possible for aging and infirm veterans. Charters will allow us to provide the flight and tour in a single day, allowing more veterans to travel.


What can I do to honor a veteran?

Hold a Fundraising Event

We are a small group of volunteers. In order to make this work, we need volunteers from all across the NE Indiana region to hold fundraisers and donate proceeds to Honor Flight Northeast Indiana. Community fundraisers, and fundraisers sponsored by churches, schools, and fraternal organizations have made this trip possible for over 17,000 veterans in other regions. Please contact us if you are interested in helping in this way.

 More Information on Fundraising


Make a Donation

Every donation helps get a flight off the ground. Every dollar helps. It is up to the NE Indiana Community to make this happen. Freedom Is Not Free. Please donate to say "Thank You" to those who have already paid the price. Please consider a generous donation.

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Send your donation to the address at the top or bottom of this page, or

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Honor Flight Northeast Indiana is a 501c3 organization. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Consult your tax professional for advice. IRS 501c3 approval letter.